Evidence Eliminator Wipes Surfing Evidence Clean also see internet eraser and cyberscrub and history kill and little wiper to clean cache and cookies and hard drive and browser and computer and files and logs by cleaning and deleting and washer and wipe and erase and shred your browser of thew web and the internet of history download this software today for privacy
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Our Mission: To make computer and PC users aware that, whether at home or at work, your computer or PC Keeps or logs all of your activity in hidden, invisible places on your computer. Every file, email, picture, pop-up window, download or click you or someone else has ever made is stored on your hard drive. You will not be able to find or see these hidden files on your computer without the use of an expensive forensic analysis extraction software, but they are still there. To explain how these files take up space and memory on your hard drive causing your PC to process much slower. To explain to you the necessity of having a 100% safe and effective Hard Drive Disk cleaning utility software. That is economical, highly configurable, one time set up, one click operation. A utility software that can, based on your settings: scan, locate and identify then manage, eliminate, erase all internet surfing history, caches, cookies, index.dat, program temp, windows trace, deleted email, log, temp, Files. As well as: forensically analyze every sector on your hard drive to identify and overwrite to 00 all back up copies or traces of these files, as well as other files and personal information that you have previously deleted, but are still embedded on your hard drive. Reformatting your hard drive will not eliminate this sensitive data! (see news articles below)

Do Not donate or throw away another computer!
It still contains credit card, banking, email, internet history and other personal information!

Concerned about your security, privacy, or peace of mind?
You should be, and you are not alone.

Question: How long has or was your computer connected to a network or the world wide web?
Even with security software, virus software or a firewall hacks can get into your computer and leave incriminating information behind on your computer.
Remember: Mere possession of some forms of adult material is a criminal offense!!
FACT: You may already know that all personnel computers store information about there owners.
Unless you are a computer specialist you will not be able to see or even find where this data is stored on your computer.
FACT: Each software you might add stores even more information about you and what you do on your computer in hidden, invisible files.
FACT: Clearing your browsers cache and history lists does not remove or destroy the data that is stored on your computer
FACT: Whenever you are connected to the internet, worms & hackers can get into your computer and who knows what might end up on your computer.
FACT: Your computer knows everywhere you have been on the internet & everything you have ever downloaded.

For work and home:

Who has access to your computer? Who had access before you? When the computer is replaced where will it end up? What Would Happen If suddenly you got laid off or lost your job?
Your computer is still there after you leave with all of that sensitive information just waiting to be discovered.
What will happen to this information when you dispose of your home computer?
All of that information is still there, embedded on the hard drive, waiting to be extracted by a user/operator, investigator, hacker, law enforcement agency.
How could this information affect you if it were ever released to your family, friends, co-workers, law enforcement.
The only way to help protect and guard yourself from possible trouble is to download this software now.
The longer you wait to protect yourself, the higher the risk gets.

News Articles And Headlines:

Adult pornography crack down:
There are a staggering 300,000 suspects on the list, So far, more than 1300 arrests have been made including a judge, magistrates, senior public school teachers and 50 police officers. How Many suspects are just innocent victims ?
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Ghosts of hard drives past:

 A few students attending Massachusetts Institute Of Technology finished a 2 year project. They collected 158 old computers from the trash, dump, donations, etc. What they were able to retrieve and uncover on the hard drives was astounding. On almost half of the computers, they were able to retrieve much personnel information including credit card accounts information, banking accounts information, personnel adult materials, emails.
Click here for the full story

Don't Get Divorced!
Don't get divorced! But if you do get divorced don't let your PC be used in court against you.
Click here for the full story

You are being watched...
How about your Boss?  Do you surf the internet and send E-mail at work? Your work PC will be full of evidence . It is becoming common in the workplace for companies to copy and investigate the contents of workers computers out of hours - without your consent or knowledge. This is perfectly legal and it is happening now! Your job could be at risk, what would happen to you if you lost your job? People like you are losing their jobs right now because of their Internet activities in America and the UK.
Click here for the full story : America     Click here for the full story : UK


There are approximately twenty five internet eraser type software's and one hard drive cleaning type software currently on the market. After comparing all and using one extensively I can say that I have to agree with the experts and critics.

Evidence Eliminator™ version 5.0 hard drive cleaning software clearly stands out as being the safest, most effective, efficient, most configurable, easiest to use software for eliminating these secret/hidden files and speeding up my pc. It is clear to me that it is the most cost affective software on the market after observing how much it cleaned up my hard drive.

 "Click Here" to see my list of files and areas that were safely erased/eliminated.

Evidence Eliminator™ employs the exact same sector analysis technology as available in ultra-high-priced tools available to law-enforcement agencies such as the FBI. After identifying and analyzing the unwanted data hidden in your drives, Evidence Eliminator™ destroys it with proven methods of secure disposal similar to US Department of Defense standards for destruction of classified material. Evidence Eliminator is ideal for corporate users who require sensitive information to be eliminated in the most secure manner possible, or personal users who wish to have the ultimate in personal privacy.

If you are considering any other less expensive software, I must highly advise you to reconsider your choice. Considering the severity of the consequences of choosing a less effective or unsafe software.

There are many advantages to this software including:
• Freeing up disc space, improving speed and much more.
• The Evidence Eliminator™ software is easy to download and install.
• It is highly configurable & easy to use.
• Ability to operate in stealth mode unseen in the background.

I have used multiple different and similar software and I highly recommend the Evidence Eliminator™ software. In my opinion, Evidence Eliminator™ is one of the absolute have to have software's for personnel protection and security.

Hard drive cleaning software's are configurable and will not accidentally erase important files, programs or documents. They will erase or eliminate completely all of the useless, unnecessary files mentioned above that are full of private and sensitive information.

For optimum privacy protection and to keep your computer running at the highest efficiency and speed. This type of cleaning should be done at least monthly or before your computer is passed on to a new user or discarded.

COST: When you think about the cost of software consider your peace of mind and this: The software used by police, law enforcement, private investigators and hacks to analyze, probe, extract this secret information from you hard drive costs $8,000 - $10,000.

We found that Evidence Eliminator™ offers a 30 day trial offer that is backed by SWREG.ORG in association with Compuserve. So if you are not completely happy with their product you will receive a full refund. Our own surveys have found that approximately 93% -96% of customers were more than satisfied with the product.

To protect the public...
Employers, parents, surfers and Internet professionals from all over the world use, trust and depend upon Evidence Eliminator™'s state-of-the-art technology. Even the best Forensic Laboratory Analysis with electron microscopes is no match for Evidence Eliminator™'s formidable display of new, advanced, innovative, World-Leading data destruction technologies.

Whatever your reason for using Evidence Eliminator™, you are sure to find it more capable at eliminating unwanted data than all other products on the market - the software can destroy all evidence, text, images (jpg, bmp etc..) e-mails etc. - which you would rather not have on your hard disk. Even if you think you have already deleted particular items using Windows Explorer - they are actually still there - not after Evidence Eliminator™ has cleaned up though!


Computer Privacy Software, Hard Drive Cleaning Results

Summary: You press delete, it's gone, right. You empty your recycling bin, It's gone, right.
WRONG, it is still there, all of it, personnel and banking information as well as all internet activity. EMBEDDED on your hard drive and in invisible/secret files forever, waiting to be discovered.
We have found only 1 utility software that is 100% safe and affective at eliminating those files by overwriting them. You should clean you hard drive Today and speed up your PC.
Click the image below to purchase/download this software today, safely and securely.

Image above is a screenshot of a typical PC Hard Drive:

This is a screenshot from a simple hard drive forensic analyzer software used by investigators and hackers ($2,000 - $3,000 US to purchase). It is showing you the before and after results of a hard drive cleaned with Evidence Eliminator. 

To Continue Or Learn More, Click The Image Below:

Consumer Alert Notice !!
Fraud artists target privacy consumers
False advertising has duped many consumers into buying cheap worthless imitation software - "disk-washer-erasers" that do not work - you might as well throw your money away. If you have recently been the victim of a scam by one of these fly-by-night outfits you are strongly urged to get your money back as quickly as possible, and not to use the software under any circumstances because it could even damage your hard disk! You don't have to take risks, make sure you accept only the authentic, original Evidence Eliminator™ and be sure you are both 100% safe and secure!

User Feedback

Customer Feedback of Evidence Eliminator...

"Seeing EE going through its comprehensive clean-up made me breathe so much easier. It is still the most worthwhile protection I have ever purchased for the computer. Your team is to be commended for the excellent product, support and upgrading. You haven't abandoned those of us who bought the product in its early stages and continued to use, enjoy and trust" EE. RB, USA

"Thank you for making a program that a person of my limited computer knowledge can use and understand... ...makes this something that anyone surfing the net should use." KG, USA

"Wow!! That has to be the best online support I have ever had. A real person answered my mail, quickly. Thanks for making such a great product." KS, USA

"I just downloaded and installed your product today. I love it! My 200 Mhz machine is noticeably faster and now has an additional 100+ meg of hard disk space available. I just ordered Evidence Eliminator this evening. This beats anything I've seen to date. Please keep up the good work!!" RR, USA

"...the program you have designed is simply excellent. nothing like it
can compare." JG, USA

"Great product - you need to get the message across more widely! Anyone with teenage sons knows how likely it is that something unwanted is lurking on the h/d... ...Well - most impressive! Somehow the whole product had a certain 'aura of
quality' about it and seemed worth buying... Seems I was right - money well spent!" SC, UK

Click here to read more user feedback of Evidence Eliminator

I Urge you to get protection, security and privacy today.

 It's fast and secure

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Rated #1 for the
Third Year




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The hard drive cleaning technology utilized by the products below are the most innovative available for the purpose of cleaning your hard drive of these hidden and embedded files.


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