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Stopping email spam with a spam filter for blocking automated email spam:

Have you been frustrated lately by email spam or unsolicited email filling up your inbox?

If you answered no your lucky. You will probably understand what we are writing about real soon. Email spam is quickly becoming the biggest hassle and most time consuming problem related to the internet. As legislation attempts to get a hold of it, it just seems to be getting worse. 

How does your email end up on these mass emailing lists in the first place? There are many ways that your email is obtained and added to these spam mailing lists. As you surf the web, your email and ip address surfs with you and can be obtained and added to these email spam lists. Another way is If you ever download free files or free software. Subscribe to a newsletter or other email list. There are many more ways that your email can be added to a list. Once it is on one list that list could be sold to hundreds or even millions of other email spam mailing lists.

  If your lucky enough the spam email has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. The problem with this is you only unsubscribe from that one list, meanwhile there are many more emails to come from those other lists. If there was no unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, usually there isn't, then you can block the sender with your email inbox control. The problem with this is the individual responsible for sending you the email spam usually does not use a real email address. With each mass mailing the individual will create a new fake email address to send from so the messages will keep getting though to you.

Solution: New anti spam products with Spam Stopping Technology

#1 Our top choice: Spam Arrest, utilizes the newest innovations in technology and security used by some of the most important e-commerce websites to help defend against hackers from hacking into there websites. How does it work?  99% of all spam email is not sent by a human being, it is sent by a mass mailing program. These programs are usually hosted on there own server and have the ability of sending out 100,000 - 500,000 or more spam emails every hour. When this email is sent to your email address it has to go through the Spam Arrest security wall first, your Spam Arrest account does not recognize the sender so it sends the email back to the sender with instructions to type a multiple digit word into a user field, the word is changed constantly. Even if this spammer was using a real email address to send from, there is no human in the mass mailing program to answer this question. That email will never reach your inbox. All emails, even rejected ones, are stored online in your account at Spam Arrest for a period of seven days, Just incase you ever needed to check for an email. If the email was sent by someone you know or a human they will enter the word in the user field and the email will get through to you.

  When utilizing the Spam Arrest service you know now that every email that gets though to your inbox will at least have been sent by a human and had to be sent from a legitimate email address. After the word is entered that email and any email sent from that users email address will get through to your inbox.

  This new technology that Spam Arrest is utilizing eliminates 98% - 100% of all automated email spam. You also have the ability of manually adding an email address to your account if there is a specific newsletter or other email that you wish to receive periodically. You can also upload your entire address book to your account if you would prefer. If by chance one or two spam emails gets through by a determined human, all you have to do is block the sender with the email program that you currently use. We have found that Spam Arrest is the most simple, easy to use, most affective, quickest set up product available for stopping email spam. 

Click the cartoon image below for an easy to understand demonstration of Spam Arrest (turn speakers on)

Click Here to view a great cartoon video demonstration of how Spam Arrest works, Cartoon Video pop up window will load in about 3-5 seconds

Click the link below for a 30-Day Free Trial! or to learn more

email spam stopping and anti spam the best spam filter for your email

Other great products that we can highly recommend for filtering out email spam are listed below

The email filter technology utilized by the products below are a spam filter technology. This email filter technology is also very effective at filtering out email spam


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